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LaShane's Creations

Believe it or not... It's just me.

  • My name is LaShane I am 40 yrs. old. Californian, born and raised. A wife 22 yrs. Mother to 5. Grandma to 1. I love my family very much. Because I have an autistic child I have a special place for special needs children. When the kids are sleep I am at my creative best, and use Adobe Photoshop as my outlet.

    Adobe Photoshop is my most favoritest thing.. LOL.

    I am optimistic and inquisitive, ecclectic and eccentric. I am often told I am "too nice". But giving people the benefit of the doubt is just who I am.
    I really have a thing about tactful honesty and feel that life deserves to be lived honestly.

  • I love imaginative TV. Crime Shows and Sci-Fi.

  • I love Science Fiction and Fantasy and old classics, (Alfred Hitchcock was amazing); But old B-rated movies are the best.

  • I love music, all kinds, but The Psychedelic Furs and Love Spit Love are my all time favorite bands! I think Christina Aguilera and Jonny Lang reign supreme, but at the moment I can't get enough of Santigold, Kings of Leon, and Maroon 5.

  • I am really enjoying the works of Ray Bradbury, (like Hitchcock, definitely ahead of his time), and I love love love Dean Koontz, Charles Bukowski and Rchard Brautigan.

  • I love cold weather and cups of homemade coffee, chinese, mexican and american food. Oh and Tobasco Tobasco Tobasco!

    And that my friends is alittle bit about who I am.